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Space exists in both your soul and heart. Space exists throughout the mind and body. Majestic Star Academy is the space between your soul and your heart. Try it out if you think you got what it takes.
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PostSubject: .   . Icon_minitimeTue Apr 29, 2014 12:17 pm

Team Ignite


Welcome to the thread for my team, Team Ignite (TI).

Team Roster:
jackachu100 (Team Captain)

How do I join?

Joining my team is a simple process, all I require is some information from you using the form below.

VDA Name:
DN Name:
Activity on VDA:

Team Rules

  • No fighting with other team members/other teams' members.
  • No cheating in duels.
  • Don't give team information to people not in the team.

Failure to comply with these rules may lead to you being kicked off the team.

If you believe anyone on the team has broken these rules report the issue to me, via a PM on VDA.

Lastly, I hope that all members in this team enjoy it and have fun participating in the wars.

. Veh4v

. Si4bY
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