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 Raccoon deck guide.

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PostSubject: Raccoon deck guide.   Raccoon deck guide. Icon_minitimeMon Nov 03, 2014 9:20 am

So, I see kids be doing deck guides around here, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon with one of the decks I think I'm good enough with to make a solid guide with.

Now unlike the archetype ones (as there's only 3 card in the archetype, I'll just go through a bunch of cards you could run in it and their pros/cons.)

So first we will go through the cards you will run in every single raccoons deck (or then it isn't a raccoon deck at all).

Baby Raccoon Ponpoko

Okay, so this guy here is one of your ways to generate advantage, you summon him and then you get to ss a level 2 beast in fd defense (other than himself). As there are decent number of good targets for this which can further increase your advantage this card is great in the deck. He is one of the main cards in the deck.

Baby Raccoon Tantan

This guy is one of the main targets for ponpoko, and an example of how ponpoko brings you advantage. He lets you special summon a level 2 beast from the deck (other than himself). There are a bunch of great targets and again a couple that will be netting you some advantage. Again, this is one of the main cards in the deck.

Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu

This is the Xyz of the arcvhetype. His effect let's you summon a level 1 token with an attack equal to the highest thing on the field. So either you now have something that can take on your opponent's biggest monster, or you have doubled your biggest threat. He also is a good way to not be totally devestated by something like a raigeki/torrential, as he can't be destroyed if you control another beast, which is really easy due to his ability to summon a token.

Obedience Schooled

So, you know those cards that make decks, this is one of them (although I played the deck before this was announced but that's besides the point). This card let's you summon 3, YES 3, level 2 or lower beasts from your deck, YES DECK. This allows you to set-up some great plays to take out your opponent.

Okay, now that's it for the main cards, for everything else you can run any number of these cards based on what you think of my pros/cons.

In alphabetical order.

Starting off with the level 2 beasts. (If I don't list it assume it's terrible and you should never run it).

A Cat of Ill Omen

This card is a possible card you would want to summon with Ponpoko.
He gives you the option of sort of giving you a trap you want. Or give it to you if you want to try some crazy Gravekeeper varient (or just run Necrovalley for the stun element).

On the other hand, this card is far far too slow, so it won't really help you at all, as putting it on the top of the deck locks out your next draw and it might be too late to get the trap you need by then.

Overall I'd say this card wasn't worth running.

Chow Chow Chan

Now this guy is a hand trap that will stop cards like Dimensional Prison spoiling your day (which is a great way to kill Sandayu.

If people were running triple Mirror force and Dimensional Prison I would say run it 100%, but as they aren't it's not too useful and it has no use on the field at all really.

Again, I wouldn't run this card.

Dark Cat with White Tail

Another Ponpoko target. This card bounces multiple things which is great, as it avoids so many cards anti-destruction ability, or ability it gets when destroyed in todays meta.

Again like A Cat of Ill Omen this card is almost one I'd recommend highly, but the fact it returns something to your hand is far too big of a downside to play it.

Like the other two, I wouldn't run this.


This card can recycle your beasts if they get banished with something like a Dimensional Prison. Also, it's a tuner that is Earth attribute, which helps with one of the main first turn combos in the deck.

No real downside to this card other than stats, but that is expected from a deck running level 2s.

If this was a month or two ago, I'd recommend putting atleast 1 in your decks, but now there is a much better Earth attribute beast that is coming out in the newest set. If you still want to run it though, go ahead.

Hane Hane

Another Ponpoko target. Returns to hand, which like I said before is a good way to get around a variety of things.

No real downside.

Even though I said there is no real downside, I wouldn't recommend running it, as you won't have enough space, as there are better cards to run than it, but if you really want to run it at 1 then I won't stop you.

Kallantosa, Mystical Beast of the Forest

So, you remember earlier how I said the things Tantan summons can give you even more advantage. Well here is the main card I was talking about. Kallantosa let's you pop something on your opponent's field when special summoned by a beast monster's effect. It also has a decent amount of defense compared to the other things you will be running in the deck.

If you draw it it's a pretty dead card.

I'd definitely would run this card, just not at 3 as it gets too cloggy when you have it at 3.


He's a way to block some of your opponent's attack. Also works well against things like Torrential.

He doesn't really do that much though.

So, I wouldn't recommend running him.

Nimble Momonga

One of the few decks you will see running such an old card that isn't a staple card. Momonga is a sort of Ponpoko target. It is also a way to block opponent's attacks/get field advantage and grab you some life points. He also has 1000 ATK/DEF which can get over a limited number of cards on it's own, but more than a lot of the deck.

If you draw multiple it's just horrible.

I would recommend running the full playset of these guys.

Nimble Mussabi

A sort of Ponpoko target. Burns your opponent. Gives your opponent some weak monsters for your opponent that you can run over.

Burning isn't really as good as gaining extra lifepoints in this deck. If it summoned to your field I would almost recommend it, but like the first 2, it's just one small part of the effect that makes it not worth it.

I wouldn't recommend running this.

Performpal Cheermole

You can combo it with Tree Otter to further increase your beasts attack.

The effect is far too situational. It being a pendulum is completely useless. Maybe if they made a 1 scale level 2 beast Cheermole/Trampolynx might be useful in this deck (although the 1 scale one would have to be really good), but as of now they aren't.

So for now I wouldn't recommend it.

Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter

A Ponpoko target. A great way to get rid of troublesome cards. Can also set-up your grave for certain things. You can use it to trick your opponent into thinking you are playing something else (assuming you don't mill cards that don't give away what you are playing), so they might play differently for a turn or two.

No real downsides other than the fact the milling will screw you over a bit 90% of the time.

I would recommend running this.

Sea Koala

A great defense value for the deck. A good way to get over monsters your opponent has due to the low attack value of the monsters.

You need another beast to use the effect.

I sort of recommend using it, if you want to go ahead, but space wise I wouldn't really run it.

The Fabled Cerburrel

Another tuner for the deck. Gives you access to the 2 level 4 fabled synchros. Combos well with Valerifawn. Allows you to use cards such as Phoenix Wind Wing Blast and Karma Cut effectively. Decent attack value for the deck.

No real downsides.

I would recommend running this card.

Tree Otter

This card has the best attack stat out of all the level 2 beasts (although it's tied with the other level 2 fabled). Also it can boost your monsters by 1k, which is really useful in this deck given the low attack of your monsters. Also a really good way to give that extra oomph to your tokens.

Like Sea Koala, it requires another beast.

I would recommend running this card.

Valerifawn, Mystical Beast of the Forest.

The newest edition to the level 2 beast family. Valeryfawn is one of the best. You discard a card (which combos with Cerburrel) to ss a level 2 or lower beast from your graveyard in attack of fd defense. Which is really good. Not only that it's an Earth tuner, which gives you access to that combo I talked about earlier with Elephun. It also allows for a 3 card OTK with it Obedience Schooled and Tree Otter.

No real downside.

Run this 100%.

Wind-Up Kitten

So you know earlier how there were a couple of cards that bounce that I didn't really recommend. This on the other hand is one I recommend. It just bounces, plain and simple.

You can only use it once while it's face-up on the field.

I'd recommend this.

Right now that's all the level 2 beasts done with.

Now, for some other monsters you could run. I won't really say if I recommend them or not, as you could just skip over these and just stick with the level 2 beasts if you wanted too.

Again in alphabetical order for your viewing pleasure.

Beast King Barbaros

Beast King, are you mad? I may hear you ask. Well the answer will be revealed. So, you know how Obedience Schooled summons 3 monsters and you know that last barely used effect of Barbaros, that's what we are using him for. Take from that what you will, but a field nuke is a field nuke. Especially when you only use 1 card for it and you get a 3k beater out of the deal that is just about to swing at your opponent for said 3k.

Junk Warrior

This card allows you to bring back one of your beasts from the grave so you can synchro summon for a 5. This card is really good in the deck and out of all of these other possible monsters it's the one I'd recommend running the most.

Key Mouse.

A few of the cards say level 2 or lower beast, so this card will work with some of the cards in the deck. It's also a level 1 earth tuner which is a substitute for the level 2 ones in the combo (although the combo is worse doing it this way). Also, it's a floater and who doesn't like them.

Uniflora, Mystical Beast of the Forest

This card gives another way to get your beasts out of the deck. It's restriction can make it a completely dead card if you get it mid to late game.

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Raccoon deck guide.
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